We're forming a positive community with unity and purpose.

Building community from inspiration isn't easy. But if it's your passion, you put in the work. Read our talking points to learn more about our plans and let us know if we share synergy of thought. Also read this excellent explanation of what an Intentional Community is all about.

"It's my hope to collaborate with co-creators to create a small, inviting, nurturing space for our guests and a place we can all call home, complete with an innovative renewable energy learning center."

Donnie Austin - Founder


We've already acquired property on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador that will accomodate 4 housing units, community garden and a community resource building.


During preliminary planning we've created designs for 4 Bamboo-CSIP panel casitas. Some infrastructure is already in place and we'll supplement with renewables as we grow.


Once we've assembled our team of talented and dedicated co-creators, we'll take action to reach our shared goals at Kerawa and break ground in the Spring of 2024 or sooner.


Kerawa Community

Our planned Spaces



Perfect for those needing a comfortable, well designed compact space to call a 2nd home or investment.

  • EcoDesign Concept
  • Essential furnishings
  • 1 Bth | Full Kitchen

1 Bed | 1 Bth

A roomy concept design of stone, bamboo and CSIP panels. Energy efficient home or investment.

  • Bamboo, Stone & CSIP
  • Essential furnishings
  • 1 Bed - 1 Bth | Full Kitchen


In addition to private patios we envision community open spaces and event area for gathering and special events.

  • Multifunction event spaces
  • Private Patios & Workspace
  • EcoDesign Concept

Get Ready to explore Ecuador!

1We're close to key attractions
From the Guayaquil International Airport, you can fly directly to the Galapagos Islands. We're located on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador 5 minutes from a secluded beach with opportunities to view annual whale migrations and Isla de Plata, our "Little Galapagos". Just North of Kerawa is the Pacoche Coastal Marine Wildlife Refuge, one of the most breathtaking landscapes in all of Ecuador, considered to be one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world. The Machallia National Park is also a nearby scenic destination on the Pacific Coast. We are planning to break ground in 2024. Come grow with us!

Renewable Energy Workshops

In addition to growing our small community, a key component is offering training for our guests wanting to acquire skills in the renewable energy sector. At Kerawa, we'll offer onsite Solar workshops focused on offgrid power solutions to equip a new generation with the knowledge and skills to develop their own level of energy independence. Virtual Offgrid Solar Workshops are also available for those who are unable to visit us onsite. We'll also offer our branded, locally assembled Portable Solar Generators as an additional means to support and grow Kerawa.

Onsite Offgrid Solar Training
Online Virtual Solar Training
Onsite Product Development
  • 1
    Stay as a Guest and attend our 7-day Offgrd Solar Workshop. Housing and Meals provided.
  • 2
    Focused Offgrid Solar training covering Design, Assembly, Operation and Maintenance.
  • 3
    Flexible training paced at your speed of learning. Within 7-days of training you'll receive the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed.
  • 4
    Hands on skills training for real world experience building a functional Offgrid Solar system.
  • 5
    Seasoned Instructor with 15+ years residential and commercial renewable energy field experience.
  • 6
    Have Fun while learning. We put fun into the process of learning. Train outdoors with personable intructors. No boring lectures!

We strive to provide flexibility for those who can't attend our planned onsite training. Online training is a great option to acquire the knowledge and skills you need in focused individualized virtual training. View our Offgrid Solar Workshop video introduction.

  • Learn online from any location
  • Attend training on a flexible schedule
  • Live instructor interactions
  • Fun, self-paced non-traditional training
  • Prearranged customized training content

Message from Kerawa founder

"Building community is an exercise in collaboration. To build a better future we can use our collective talents, skills, knowledge and experiences and support one another to achieve individual and group success. I look forward to growing Kerawa with a like-minded group of co-creators. Please read our talking points to learn more about our plans."

"I was a techie' in the Air Force and for the majority of my civilian career. I enjoy training and teaching others new skills. Kerawa is a passion project with an expected launch in 2024. If you want to live out your positive purpose, I invite you to join as a co-collaborator, guest or trainee."
Donnie Austin- Founder
"As your instructor, I will also cover micro-grids like this 3-phase system I designed and installed in the Caribbean."
"In our Offgrid Solar Workshop, we'll also cover Portable Solar Power solutions as shown in this photo of some of our portable solar generators."
We're Purposely Passionate

Kerawa Works

What we envision is a model of innovation. We're already convinced, great things can be accomplished when postive, purposed, passionate creators work together. We've acquired land on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador with the intention of developing a safe place to rest, restore, explore, create, collaborate and grow. This a space where Teachers, Makers, Creators, Artists, Artisans, Entrepreneurs and Explorers are invited and welcomed. Send a message if you're interested in being a co-creator, a tourism guest or would like to acquire skills through our offgrid solar workshop.

  • Live your purpose in a welcoming environment
  • A safe space for Creators, Artists, Artisans & more . . .
  • Non-traditional Online and on-site skills workshops
  • Read our talking points and learn how we'll launch
Kerawa Works @ Rancho Spondylus

We're forming a unique community space
Join Us at Kerawa!


Kerawa is a passion project to build a unique collaborative space on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador.

We envision a safe, nurturing, creative, collaborative community grown by a small group of like-minded co-creators.

  • We're seeking 4 like-minded co-creators who share our vision
  • Building Community and offering Renewable Energy Training

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